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Ken Mullinax is a CPA licensed by the State of Arkansas, as well as an Enrolled Agent, licensed by the Internal Revenue Service. Prior to founding Elite Tax Relief, Ken worked for the IRS as a Revenue Officer. Revenue Officers are the hardcore street level collectors that knock on your door and demand money. They use collection tactics like levies, property seizures, and summonses to ENFORCE collection. During this time, he learned about IRS collection and how to navigate through the murky waters of the collection system and how to get the absolute best outcomes for troubled taxpayers. 

The IRS has thousands of CPA's on staff, but they are in the Exam section, doing audits. Ken, however, worked collection, which is extremely rare for a CPA. Because of this, he is uniquely qualified to represent taxpayers. His collection education and experience help his clients settle for minimal amounts when they qualify. Many others pay very little or nothing at all. 

"We Rise By Lifting Others..."
Chapter 1: The Inspiration
While working at the IRS, Ken worked with many Enrolled Agents, CPA's, and Attorneys who had Power of Attorney to represent taxpayers. Having a POA representative is every taxpayer's right. Often Ken would go meet with a taxpayer in the field, then quickly they would hire their representative. Sometimes it was one of the national companies you see so much advertising for (usually a big mistake). Sometimes it was their local CPA.

Quickly, Ken realized that local tax professionals, while good preparers or auditors or bookkeepers, had no clue how to properly represent their clients. Although they hold the license which allows them to, they just aren't trained in this aspect of service. They try, but more often than not, they make mistakes that hurt their clients. Also, because they are not competent in it, they really don't want to do it. They only take the case in an attempt to "help" their existing client.

After working hundreds of cases with this type of inadequate representation by untrained tax professionals, Ken knew he could do better. After all, collection is really all he did at the IRS. Knowing what stops collection, and what moves it along efficiently, is all he did. So because he already had the CPA license allowing him to fight the IRS on his client's behalf, he quit his job at the IRS and started Elite Tax Relief LLC.

Now, many of those same local tax professionals refer their tax resolution clients to Ken. Because they knew him at the IRS and know his reputation as an advocate for troubled taxpayers, they are comfortable that the job will finally be done correctly. This allows them to concentrate on what they do well, and they no longer have to do the job they really don't want to do.

Chapter 2: The Beginning
Ken left the IRS in February of 2014 and started working remotely from his home office. The referrals he received were often out of state so there was no need for an "office" yet. But as the business grew, and as more local clients were secured, Ken rented an office for Elite Tax Relief. He found an office in the same building as the IRS where he used to work, so any taxpayers visiting that office will see the sign and know there is help locally.

Since starting in early 2014, Elite Tax Relief now has clients in 46 states. We fight the IRS and state taxing agencies every day and have been winning incredible victories for our clients. Click the button below and you will get information about each victory as it happens as well as our monthly newsletter. We will even include a "Special Report" about dealing with IRS tax problems.

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